Welcome to Rainy World Kitchen.  My name is James Struthers and I am very pleased to be your host here.  My wife Brinn and I are natives of the Pacific Northwest and are passionate cooks and savage eaters, among other things.  Throughout our lives, we have gravitated toward a highly eclectic approach to the foods that we enjoy in our daily lives.  Also over time, we have evolved  to using less and less prepared foods; almost eliminating them in favor of fresh, “from scratch” cooking.

The Pacific Northwest is blessed with a hugely varied range of food traditions; many of them originating in East Asia.  We enjoy strong influences from the Middle East, the Mediteranean, India, and all corners of the United States.  After all, this area is one of the late-settled places in the United States and the metling pot never stopped moving here to live.  Combine all of these culinary traditions with the fantastic regional produce, access to fresh seafood, and other ingredients and you end up with a truly magical blend.  One trip down “food-cart alley” in Portland or to the Seattle Folk Life Festival gives you a flavor for how diverse and melded food in the Pacific Northwest can be.

The blog is all about the foods we are passionate about and the story about how we came to be passionate about those foods.  I started this project to share some of the joy that we get from preparing and sharing fresh, wholesome foods that pack a punch in the flavor category.  We don’t do bland and, hopefully, we can share some inspiration and technique that you can use in your own food journey.