Miso-Marinated Broiled Fish

Got a nasty piece of fish you don’t know how to handle? Got a good piece of fish that you would like to have stand alone with class?  This style of marinade and cooking levels the playing field and can, oddly handle both situations.  Its also quick and idiot simple; how cool is that?

I typically use cod for this dish, but the marinade handles fish ranging from mild tilapia to some seriously nasty mackerel.  This marinade will work for the fish-shy among you and produce a reliable, lightly seasoned main dish with delicate citrus and floral overtones.  The miso browns readily under the broiler and produces a piece of fish with a light tan, chewy outer surface.  As the cooking time is short, the fish remains moist beneath the browned exterior.  Perfect for eating over a some nice, succulent rice…. 

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Oyster-Miso Nabemono

Got home from work feeling a little under the weather and stressed from work.  I think everyone has those days when they simply need easy to fix comfort food.  Well, here is one of my indulgences.  It looks great, prepares with very little work, and is utterly edible.  In addition, it is very flexible and prepared with stock items on hand (except for the oysters).  This recipe was inspired by Tadashi Ono’s excellent book  Japanese Hot Pots: Comforting One-Pot Meals.

In addition to oysters, this dish  highlights the fudge-adjacent flavor of hatcho-miso.  For those of you that haven’t used it before, hatcho is a specific type of aged and pressed miso that provides a decadent, rich flavor to this dish.  … 

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