Butternut Squash, Bulgar and Orange Soup

Squash Bulgar and Orang SoupThis soup was what Brinn served with dinner last Monday.  Oh, Monday dinners; always a special event.  Somewhere along the line, someone decided that starting the week off with a good meal was just as important as ending it with one.  Ever since, Monday’s table has been host to some particularly tasty spreads.  On this particular Monday, the soup discussed here was joined by Chickpeas with Cilantro and Cumin and Seared Pork with Citrus and Chipotle; all nestled in on a bed of couscous.  Wonderful.

The soup, however, deserves particular attention;  hearty enough to be the cornerstone of the meal and only need a simple side of salad, possibly some bread to augment it.  This was fantastic.  There is a great deal of depth to the flavor, with the sweetness of the squash offset by the bitterness of the walnuts.  There is even a floral note that comes from rose water.  This recipe was only slightly modified from the book Silk Road Cooking: A Vegetarian Journey by Najmieh Batmanglij…. 

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Yam Miso Soup – An Enigmatic and Homely Soup for the Lazy

Yam Miso SoupI have to admit, this is one of the least attractive soups that I know how to make.  I mean, there really is no feasible way to get a decent photo of it, as it looks equally bad in most lighting.  Seeing it in real life isn’t much of an improvement; it just sits there looking vaguely orange.  It is just plain homely.

As it turns out, life is not always about looks, which should be comforting to most of us.  Sometimes it is about things like bright, clean flavors and smooth, creamy textures.  Sometimes, it is also about being too lazy to make a proper meal.  If any of the above fits your way of thinking, this soup is probably a great match…. 

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