Harcha – Moroccan Semolina Bread (or biscuit?)

DSC_0030There is this young lady that goes by the name Alia.  Bless her soul, this gal is both an enthusiastic cook and a savage eater.  She is absolutely hilarious and has such an amazing, energized style that it makes you want to track her down and give her a big hug.  I don’t follow things on youtube much but Her Channel is worth checking out and, if you like her style, subscribing to; she typically has interesting things going on.  In addition to having a super cool attitude, she has a bunch of great Moroccan recipes that, I would assume are pretty authentic.

I was fascinated when I saw her video on a type of bread called Harcha.  Simply had to make them.  After slaving away for about…I don’t know, less than half an hour, I had a fresh batch of these suckers to go with dinner.  Style wise, they lie somewhere between a chunk of shortbread and a biscuit.  The heartiness of the pan toasted semolina and the richness of the butter makes a great platform for a wide variety of spreads and toppings.  They are really simple, really rich, really fast to make, and not at all good for you.  Yay!  We served ours with some triple cream brie just in case the hefty 230 calories and 3.3 g of fat in each harcha wasn’t enough.  Ate some lamb with them too in order to further boost that fat count for the week. … 

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