Green Chile Stew

DSC_0114I have an overly romanticized view of New Mexico…this I know.  When I think of this state/region, I picture towering mountain ranges, deep shadowed canyons, unimaginably vast open spaces, and near perfect solitude.  While I’m sure that this fine State has such qualities, our friend Star’s stories help bring it back to reality a bit.  While it isn’t all John Carpenter’s Vampires or anything like that, the reality is quite a bit more gritty than the dream.

I am very clear that the vision in my head is a blending of my experiences in the Basin and Range and also my experiences with one dish; Green Chili Stew.  More than any other food that I ate during my Southwest American days, this dish ensnared me.  It is hot, make no mistake, but any damage incurred is worth it due to the onslaught of flavor you will experience.  The version that we make uses smoked paprika to provide just a little bit more depth to the not quite smoky taste of the roasted green chilies.  The remainder of the spices would seem understated if it weren’t for how they conspire with the blend of fats in the meats and butter.  The end result is undeniably tasty and will comfort even the most downtrodden soul…. 

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