Marrakech Street Bread

Marrakech Street BreadI don’t  do much of the baking around the house.  As luck would have it, my marriage came complete with a highly capable baker.  Definitely a lucky deal for me.  Anyway, Brinn typically handles this side of the kitchen labor with much more competence than I could muster, whacking out loaves of sourdough, biscuits, cookies, brownies, and flat breads such as this one. 

This flat bread (or relatively flat bread) is perfect for many of more highly seasoned dishes that we cook.  It is somewhat moist, sturdy enough to use as an eating utensil without being chewy, and quick to make.  The semolina in the dough gives it a toasty flavor and the milk used in the dough serves to lighten the loaves and smooth out the texture of the crumb.  Her version of this recipe was inspired by one presented in Paula Wolfert’s book, The Food of Morocco and follows it reasonably closely.  As noted above, she substitutes milk for the water to alter the texture and also uses some preparation techniques that vary slightly from those described in the original recipe…. 

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