Pomegranate Chicken Tagine

Pomegranate ChickenThis dish is one of my favorites among the many, many utterly tasty things that Brinn has formulated over the years.  It is an outgrowth of her long fascination with Moroccan food and tagine cooking in particular.  She typically serves these succulent, slow-cooked, chili and pomegranate coated chicken thighs with savory, oven roasted root vegetables and loaves of fresh street bread for dipping.  The photo to the left shows the chicken alongside another favorite; eggplant with charmoula.  Garnishing with some olives and feta never hurts.

TagineIf you are unfamiliar with tagine cooking, you might want to consider changing that.  Tagines are two-part clay pots made famous by the Berbers in North Africa.  These clay pots were designed to be used over charcoal or open flame and function as something between a steam roaster and a portable oven.  They regulate the moisture of a dish and allow for long cooking times while managing to preserve really clean flavors. Around the house, we use the side burner of our barbecue or single burner butane stoves as a heat source.  More details on tagine suppliers and how to use these really amazing pots next week, as it is a subject worthy of some detail, especially since there will be a lot of tagine recipes posted here in the future…. 

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