Concentrated Soy Sauce

Concentrated Soy SauceThere are two sauces that go on our table with virtually every meal.  One is the ubiquitous chili sauce Sriracha and this is the other one.  There are several versions or formulations of concentrated soy, depending on the country of origin.  The one the we make for our use is the Japanese variety.  It is rich and complex in flavor, slightly smoky, and a little bit bitter.  It lacks the garlic and chili overtones of its Korean cousin and is not as astoundingly sweet as the Indonesian types.

We use this sauce as a standard table-top condiment to accent the flavor of meat, rice, and tofu dishes.  It is richly flavored enough to transform simple ingredients into a meal.  For example, eating a slab of plain tofu is simply not very exciting; drizzle this stuff over the top, add some scallions and nuts to garnish and you have created something worthy of stuffing in your face.  Good additions to round out the experience are a bowl of soup and a small bowl of rice.  Very tasty and just right for a fast lunch if you are pressed for time.  If you are trying to clean up or simplify your diet, this sauce is helpful because it provides enough flavor to make even bark dust interesting…. 

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