Herbed Cod and Shrimp Baked in Phyllo

DSC_0107Up until yesterday, I had never cooked a fish tart…but I knew deep down inside that I needed to.  The base idea for this one came from Savory Baking by Mary Cech.  As I write this post, this book is listed for some ridiculously low price on Amazon.  Not sure what the deal is, but it a great book for those that like baking things that are not necessarily sweet.  Oh well, sometimes even good books get discontinued.

Anyway, with some adjustment of ingredients and spicing scheme, I ended up with something that was truly memorable.  The tarragon and dill really shine against the curry, and, surprising, the crushed black pepper is pronounced without being overwhelming.  The roast red pepper provides a little bit of interest and the lemon zest provides a great balance to cut through the staggering amount of butter that is used to assemble the phyllo.  Definitely a huge win for a first effort and not one that a would change too much…. 

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