Vendors and Suppliers

Below is a compilation of some of our favorite places to procure the equipment and ingredients we use in our day-to-day life.  As it turns out, you can’t get everything you need in life from Amazon.  If this list saves you the trouble of locating sources for some of the more obscure stuff that we cook with, then mission accomplished.  Drop us a line if you need specific information on a resource and are having trouble locating it.  We’d also love to hear from you if you have a resource that you find especially useful.

Spices and General Food Stuffs

Sweet Maria’s Coffee – We roast our own coffee around the house for economic and quality reasons.  These guys are fantastic and really responsive.

World Spice – This is the current choice for us in ordering herbs and spices.  They have an excellent selection of some of the uncommon spices and spice blends that we use in Moroccan food.  They also have the added advantages of very reasonable prices on most things and fast shipping.

Mountain Rose Herbs – We have been doing business with Mountain Rose for a long time, staying with them as our main supplier for larger quantities of stock herbs (as in herbs we keep in stock).  They are a great resource for home herbalists and seem to place a big emphasis on the quality of their product.  They have a great selection, good prices, and are very responsive. Their products are organic and the company is very serious about interlacing sustainability with with business practices.

Dishes and Kitchen Ware

MTC Kitchen – From plates and bowls to knives, if you need a tool for Japanese cooking or something new for the table, it is likely these folks have it.  Fantastic selection, good quality, and responsive shipping.

Toiro KitchenNaoko Moore out of Los Angeles started this company in 2008 to import and distribute high quality donabe (Japanese clay pots).  While more expensive than some suppliers, the product that she sells really is outstanding.  I have no regrets on spending the cash for such high quality equipment.  Her blog is an excellent resource as well.

The Cheesemaker – If you make cheese or would like to make cheese, you will find these guys to be invaluable.  Good prices on presses, cloth and other equipment and a good selection of cultures.